Custom Bar + Bat Mitzvah Portfolio

In true Dauphine Press style, our Bar + Bat Mitzvah line of invitations offers a vast collection of distinctive details for customization including a variety of motifs, ink colors, unique typefaces and extraordinary embellishments. Each design is made to order and specifically designed for you. While you may select an invitation directly from the designs shown here, you may also choose to create a suite that is unique to your event using our simple and enjoyable design process.

  • The Bar + Bat Mitzvah Portfolio

    The Bar + Bat Mitzvah Portfolio

    Our unique Bar + Bat Mitzvah collection contains a distinctive array of fresh and vibrant invitations with an inspired point of view. These unique designs resonate on many levels for parents and children who wish to make a statement all their own. This colorful collection of unique designs are showcased in unique formats – trifolds, journals, squares, pockets, printed and patterned layers in colorful hues. You will also find many uniquely designed liners and background patterns, a myriad of new monograms and motifs and 20 new typefaces including three Hebrew fonts.

  • True Custom Design

    True Custom Design

    Our Custom Design Library encompasses a carefully curated assortment of design elements chosen by our award-winning designers so you can create the stationery of your dreams. The Design Library is a tool for inspiration, presenting countless options from ink colors, motifs and embellishments like foil, painted edges, pocket folds and exclusive envelope liners. From your choices, our designers will create a peerless invitation unique to your vision.

  • Letterpress Printing

    Letterpress Printing

    Letterpress printing gives a beautiful, three-dimensional impression in paper unsurpassed by any other print method. In letterpress printing we ink a raised surface that is pressed into soft cotton paper. The amount of impression can be varied, though we normally use a great deal of impression when printing wedding invitations and special announcements. Our printing is done on 50-year-old printing presses — subtle irregularities are inherent in the process. No two pieces are entirely identical, and letterpress printing is not an exact science. Subtle variations in inking, color, impression and position are to be expected.

  • Foil


    Foil stamping adds an exquisite sparkle to any invitation suite. The designs in our albums featuring foil stamping are available only in the sizes and foil placement combinations shown. However, you may change the variable content as needed to create a custom design (i.e. a response card with foil can be converted in to an announcement or save the date of that same size). The letterpress + foil pricing grids are based on the designs shown in our albums. For custom sizes and designs not shown in the album, please contact an exclusive retailer for a quote.

  • Painted Edges

    Painted Edges

    Painted edges are available for any card printed on our premium letterpress paper, with or without rounded corners. We recommend 236 lb. cover premium letterpress paper for best results. All jobs that have painted edges will be shipped with a complimentary protective tissue insert to protect edging from offsetting onto other printed pieces during mailing. Please note that edge painting is a hand-applied process and is subject to slight variations in ink color.

  • Blind Letterpress/Blind Hit (printing without ink)

    Blind Letterpress/Blind Hit (printing without ink)

    This process requires a medium to heavy line weight or graphic to create a distinctive impression. Please avoid designs with fine details for blind letterpress. Contact an exclusive retailer if you would like to know whether or not a graphic will reproduce well using blind letterpress. Pricing a design with a blind hit is easy -- it's just like a second press run! For example, if you are looking at a design with black plus a blind hit, you just look at 2-color letterpress pricing.


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