Coral Portfolio

Our Coral line of wedding invitations are stylish, eco-friendly, and above all,
affordable. We stretch your dollars and our capabilities without compromising
one kilowatt of quality or design. The range is designed to fit a wide array
of personalities and parties. From town to country, ballrooms to barns, Manolos
to Tony Lamas, Coral’s eco-chic letterpress invitations fit your style without
emptying your wallet.

  • the Coral Wedding Portfolio

    the Coral Wedding Portfolio

    With our Coral Wedding Album you can select the best package to suit your event and personalize it to match your décor. Each of the twelve designs is shown with all the necessary accessory pieces – from save the date cards, to thank you notes and menu cards. By combining our pricing into set packages, we offer more printing for fewer dollars. Packages make for easy pricing – one price fits all. The Coral line combines press runs to save energy, paper, time and money.

  • Letterpress Printing

    Letterpress Printing

    Letterpress printing gives a beautiful, three-dimensional impression in paper unsurpassed by any other print method. In letterpress printing we ink a raised surface that is pressed into soft cotton paper. The amount of impression can be varied, though we normally use a great deal of impression when printing wedding invitations and special announcements. Our printing is done on 50-year-old printing presses — subtle irregularities are inherent in the process. No two pieces are entirely identical, and letterpress printing is not an exact science. Subtle variations in inking, color, impression and position are to be expected.


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