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Cinderella Stamps

Cinderella stamps look like postage stamps, but are not “genuine” as they are not government-issued. They cannot be used as postage, so they are the step-child of real stamps. As such, Cinderellas have a long and colorful history in the world of philately and are sought after by many collectors. On a recent project, we had a chance to create three Cinderellas for a collaborative piece that we designed and printed for Crane & Co. in conjunction with the Smithsonian National Postal Museum for the opening reception of Alphabetilately.

The exhibition (which has been extended until October 29, 2010!) explores 26 topics, each illustrated with a Cinderella created by a different graphic designer, one for each letter of the alphabet. They can be viewed on line here.


Dauphine’s project featured three Cinderella stamps printed on dry-gummed paper and pinhole-perforated by hand. The Crane & Co. Cinderella depicts a cotton plant, referencing the fact that Crane makes 100% cotton papers. The National Postal Museum’s Cinderella has a global airmail motif, referencing the world of stamps. Dauphine Design’s Cinderella depicts a Savannah Sparrow, a motif we frequently use. The Dauphine and Crane “denominations” combine to make up the year (2008), and the Smithsonian’s stamp is valued at 15 NPMs referring to the Museum’s 15th anniversary.



Our love of these faux postage stamps dates back to a much earlier project. For several years, Dauphine Press also had a retail stationery store. We taught workshops there, including a class on printing faux postage stamps which we printed on our Vandercook.

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