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Fine Details from The Fine Print

Happy Friday, Fine Print fans! Today’s “Fine Details” post is a collection of our favorite images from the week — a few from each coast. Enjoy these images from our California design studio and our New York print studio!

Dauphine Press_The Fine Print_Fine Details_Feb 24

Holidays and gift giving are tons of fun when you work with a creative group. This past Valentine’s Day was no exception and was full of charming designer details. Heather handmade valentine bags filled with sweet treats (and displaying one of our favorite puns – suite!) /1/ while Matt’s gift included a little card /2/ that celebrates the love between Mr. & Mrs. Eaves (two of our favorite fonts). Maybe it’s just February, but pink seems to be everywhere we look lately. This image of pink blossoms /3/ was taken in downtown Petaluma and Pinky’s Pizza /4/ is just down the street. How can you not have a little love for that vintage typography?

Dauphine Press_The Fine Print_Fine Details_Feb 24 (2)

Our press room in New York continued turning out amazing print work this week. We can’t get enough of this image showing the plate for a custom Carneros mixed with Cloverdale-inspired save the date being inked /5/. Isn’t the vibrant fuchsia color on the rollers /6/ to die for?!  Always delighted to see the art of letterpress in action, we also adore the side-by-side shots of our Bloom suite – on press and finished invitation ready to send to the couple! /7-8/

We are enjoying early spring weather here in Northern California. We hope that your weekend is sunny too – whether these images brighten your winter weather or if you too are enjoying early spring with us!


Dauphine Press Visits Tokyo

We are sharing a personal journey with you today. Yes, it’s personal, but when you love what you do for work (like we do!) personal and professional often become one. At the end of last year, our art director Katrina took a trip to Japan (on her way to Thailand for a little R&R) and made sure to fit in a visit to our Japanese retailer, Ito-Ya.

Located in the posh Ginza neighborhood of Tokyo, Ito-Ya is an amazing nine-floor stationery mecca. We are very proud to be one of the few custom letterpress wedding lines they carry!

Here are a few photos Katrina captured during her visit:

Dauphine Press, Katrina McHugh, Tokyo, Ito-Ya

Clockwise from top: /1/ View from outside, their signature giant paperclip  /2/ The Matsuya Ginza mall  /3/ View of the bustling first floor (it was this packed everywhere!) /4/ The nine floors! /5/ View of the neighborhood from the first floor /6/ Ito-ya carries our cards through Madison Park Greetings!


Most of the orders we work on together include art provided by Ito-Ya of the invitation wording, which our team pairs with elements from our Design Library. The result is always gorgeously striking and we love seeing our designs along with the intricate Japanese scripts on the letterpress printed cards.

There are so many more photos to share than we have room for in this post, but we thought we would send you off with a few of Katrina’s favorites from her travels about the city.

Dauphine Press, Katrina McHugh, Tokyo, Ito-Ya

Sensō-ji –  an ancient Buddhist temple located in Asakusa, Taitō, Tokyo.

Dauphine Press, Katrina McHugh, Tokyo, Ito-Ya

Design inspiration: Beautiful engraving on the Japanese Yen

Walking through Asakusa 

Dauphine Press, Katrina McHugh, Tokyo, Ito-Ya

Mural  in Ueno

Dauphine Press, Katrina McHugh, Tokyo, Ito-Ya

Walking through Ueno district, the smaller neighborhood she stayed in. She loved the laid back and peaceful attitude of this place and can’t wait to go back to visit.

On that note, we hope your weekend is filled with fun travels and lots of inspiration!

Sweet Treat from Dauphine Press — 2nd Ink Color Free!

For those of you on our mailing list, you already received these details in your in-box, but we wanted to be sure to spread the love and share the details of our latest promotion and secret recipe here on The Fine Print as well. We are big fans of Valentine’s Day around here so this promotion and our printed Valentine were tons of fun to put together — and even more fun to share!

Dauphine Press Valentine Promo - 2nd color free!

Complimentary 2-color printing on all accessory pieces.
When you order a 2-color invitation or save the date from our Custom Wedding Portfolio,
we will upgrade your 1-color accessory pieces to 2-color for free.

 Offer applies to any order placed on or after February 14, 2012. Order must include a 2-color invitation or save the date. You will be billed for the 2-color invitation/save the date and 1-color accessory pieces to receive complimentary second color on each accessory piece. Second color on accessory pieces will be the same ink color as the invitation/save the date. Offer also valid for 3-color invitation/save the date. Offer ends March 14, 2012.

Please be sure to indicate the promo code: SWEET TREAT


We added a second ink AND a new colored foil to our Valentine’s card this year.
Don’t forget to hang onto the recipe below to sell this as a fabulous wedding invite!

INKS: Sunshine & Salmon / FOIL: New Reflective Pink Foil
EMBELLISHMENTS: 7-bar Ainsley Frame #1 die-cut & Ainsley Foil Die #1
MOTIFS: frame-68, banner-04 b,  flourish-30 & heart-01
FONTS: Bodoni Tilted, Pasticceria & Brothers

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Fine Details from The Fine Print

We’re here today with another installment of Fine Details from The Fine Print. These are some of our favorite posts to share with you because they are full of all of the exciting things (big and small) that we have the pleasure of experiencing every day at Dauphine Press.

I think we’ll keep up the trend of starting off with gorgeous visuals. We have a bundle of images to share that are straight from our print studio in New York and our design studio in California. Of course we love every final pieces once they have been printed and embellished, but as true paper and print lovers we absolute adore the process. Take a look:

Dauphine Press Studio Shots

/1/ Isn’t this stack of cards with gold painted edges gorgeous?! Just imagine the endless possibilities for designs printed on those luminous cards! /2/ We couldn’t include gold without including silver. This piece has a little twist though – these cards fall into the Dauphine Press Couture category with the 4-ply cards, custom foil corner detail and silver painted beveled edges! Stunning! /3/ We love this action shot of a Marinwood save the date on press. /4/ Another action shot, but foil this time showing the roll of foil after stamping an intricate frame on to that same Marinwood save the date.

Studio Shots

/5/ The process of hand-lining envelopes! /6/ That same envelope up close – isn’t the striped red and white liner adorable? Perfect timing for Valentine’s Day! /7/ One of the benefits of working with an amazing group of designers is the immaculate desks they keep. Here’s a little vignette from Matt’s desk. /8/ A familiar site – Pantone chips on busy desks as our design team plans out the latest update to our line (How’s that for a teaser? There’s more to come on that subject!).

To wrap up this Friday version of Fine Details from The Fine Print we thought we would share a few links:

~ Just in time for Valentine’s Day: We adore the new LOVE stamp that includes lettering from one of our favorite illustrators, Jessica Hische.

~ We spotted our Auburn place card on one of our favorite daily reads recently, The Ritzy Bee Blog. Maria and Kelly have a way of finding the sweetest details and pairing them perfectly with other gorgeous elements and we were delighted to have one of our designs included in this recent blog post.

~ One of our cherished retailers, Parchment Nantucket, created a very special piece earlier this year that we were honored to design and letterpress print. Heidi shows the final framed piece on their blog.

~ Have you seen our list of Blogging Retailers and Friends? It’s right over here –> You’ll find links like The Ritzy Bee Blog and Parchment Nantucket’s Blog as well as many other great friends of Dauphine Press. Enjoy!


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