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Designer’s Inspiration {week one hundred nine}


We’re obsessed with this visual! Graphic chalkboard typography never gets old. The control and creativity of the artist is simply perfection! The mix of fonts has us dreaming of a type inspired wedding invitation – our Auburn and Stinson suites are perfect examples of type as the focal point.

Designer’s Inspiration {week one hundred six}


Not only are these marbled wallpaper designs stunning with the contrast of black, white and gold, but they are custom and handmade! Like letterpress, we love when you can see the artist’s hand in an original piece of artwork … especially one that you can have the pleasure of enjoying every day like wallpaper and stationery.

Hope you have an inspiring weekend!

A.M. Inspiration {chinoiserie and metallics}


We all have our favorite creative times during the day, and for me, it’s early in the morning while most of the world – well, mostly my children – remain quiet. With our “A.M. Inspiration” series, I post images of what currently has me inspired, the exciting new ideas I am dreaming up on my quiet mornings and share my thoughts on how to translate each piece of inspiration into stationery design and wedding invitations.


It was in college, while studying art and design, that I fell in love with chinoiserie. The Chinese-inspired prints have an ethereal feel that heightened my appreciation for this pattern.

This contemporary image, with the brushed metallic silver background that combines so beautifully with the watercolor-like-feel of the intricate and fanciful botanical imagery, is quite an inspiration. The winding tree branches painted in an unexpected robin’s egg blue color adds to the overall whimsical quality of the print.

To translate these exquisite details into a stationery suite, I would simply suggest shimmering foil stamping paired with a soft letterpress color palette on a metallic neutral card stock. Some of our most popular designs were inspired by items and elements that aren’t traditionally associated with weddings. A chinoiserie-inspired wedding invitation is officially on my design to-do list!


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