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Invitation to the Voyage

For years, brides have sought out Dauphine Press for letterpress invitations and announcements to their destination weddings and events. Several years ago, a particular invitation to a Nantucket wedding incorporated a custom map of the island. The map was printed in a pale celadon in the background with darker type overprinting the image. That single design has gone on to inspire countless others.

Several other map invitations may be previewed in our Design Gallery. If there is a destination you have in mind for your event, please check with us as we may likely have an existing map in our library.

Here are several that we felt were noteworthy. Bon voyage!

Upper East Side




Los cabos


Long island



Earlier this week on The Fine Print, we showcased Cinderella stamps which we designed and printed for the Absolutely Best Cotton Deluxe Envelopes Fancy Guide (or ABCDEFG for short). This guide was the clever party favor for the Correspondence Salon sponsored by Crane & Co. at the opening of Alphabetilately at the Smithsonian National Postal Museum.

The guide’s airmail imagery and color scheme were a perfect tie-in to an exhibit about the collecting of stamps and the sending of mail.

The contents of the slipcase were postal as well, a series of cards each profiling a different envelope size in the Crane offering.

The guide also received a Merit Award from Print Magazine.





On the Map: The Hamptons

Since I was small, I’ve been fascinated by maps. The World Atlas was
always my favorite go-to book in the family library and l collect
vintage maps of the different places I’ve lived in the world. So I’m
really delighted that our custom map-themed invitations have resonated
with so many clients over the years. Our map library has grown to
include so many wonderful destinations from Hawaii to the Iberian
Peninsula. We continually create custom background maps for intrepid
couples planning weddings in yet-to-be-illustrated destinations.

One of our absolute favorite dealers, Linda Hays at Wedding Library
in New York asked us to create a gorgeous map of Long Island. The map served as the
backdrop for the romantic, laid back announcement for the Hamptons
wedding of Colleen O’Keefe and James Rybakoff.

We always love seeing photographs of our clients’ weddings and this one
is no exception. We are grateful to the wonderful photographers and
editors at Well Wed Magazine for including
our announcement design in their story of this magical wedding.


Photography by Francesco Mastalia

Image of O’Keefe-Rybakoff Save the Date, custom background map


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