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Larkspur Letterpress Invitation – New Design Customization

Now, today’s customization is a fun one! This example shows how far a design can really be taken with this dramatic transformation of our Larkspur wedding invitation suite! It is the ultimate before and after! Our original Larkspur design features an intricate pattern inspired by Italian tile work. When our designers created this pattern, they wanted it to be versatile. I think it was a success, as this pattern is striking on the original in two letterpress ink colors. And, it’s just as much of a focal point when printed in all one color {even our subtle varnish ink} on the new design customization. The pattern on the new design customization shows texture and gives this straightforward design layers and depth.

Dauphine Press Larkspur letterpress wedding save the date and invitation, inspiration for custom letterpress wedding stationery

Another highlight of this Larkspur design customization is that we could have just as easily called this an “Elegant Date design customization” since the format and save the date style were pulled from that original design. This design is the perfect example of taking inspiration from two or more of our existing designs and merging them into one brand new design.

Here are the fine details, along with a few design tips to help you customize your very own letterpress wedding suite in this same way!


Ink Palette: Quite dramatic, isn’t it?! The shift in color palette on these two designs describe two very different events. The best part is that this element, your ink palette, is the easiest detail to change and has the biggest impact! We have a total of 68 colors available in our letterpress ink palette so you’re sure to find your perfect combination!

Motifs, Borders and Patterns: Both of these designs are all about the pattern! This before and after showcases the flexibility of all of our patterns. Love what we’ve done with the Larkspur pattern? Take a peek at all of our patterns to pick your favorite and make it your own by either adding a pop of color or toning it down with a pastel!

Fonts: Type plays a big role in our Larkspur design customization. Not only is font used to deliver the news and details of your upcoming wedding in a gorgeous way like the inspiration, but it also acts as a major focal point. A save the date card is all about the date, so why not show it off in a gorgeous font?! We have a total of 140 beautiful typefaces that you can choose from. And remember, our fonts can always be swapped at no additional charge so with the Dauphine Press design process you’re sure to create the exact look you’re going for on your wedding invitation suite!

Well, you make think that we’ve forgotten the last portion of our post … where are the embellishments, you ask? It’s a fact that any combination of your favorite embellishments {painted edges, colored papers, foil stamping} could be added to this design, but we thought it was just perfect without them! We wanted to show you that it doesn’t always cost more to get exactly what you want. With our team of designers, and the expertise of your local Dauphine Press retailer,  your customized wedding stationery can be created within a range of many wedding budgets.

We created our Custom Wedding Portfolio process with every unique couple in mind. We, ourselves, would expect to personalize our wedding invitation suite, so we wanted to create a process that allowed every bride and groom to do the same. It’s also designed to be fun! We encourage you to scour our website {don’t forget to check out our Search By Style feature} and meet with the experts at your local Dauphine Press retailer to get their guidance and input. Once you do, you’ll be well on your way to creating your very own custom letterpress wedding invitations!

Another big thank you to Tracy at WeddingLovely for debuting our this new design on her blog this week! Take a peek at why Tracy chose this design as one of her favorites!


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