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Suite Spotlight – Occidental Letterpress Wedding Invitation

We have another Suite Spotlight and beautiful inspiration board to share! Regal and formal, our Occidental design highlights the rich luxury of our cotton papers by incorporating a whisper of a background motif that, when letterpress printed, makes this design feel wonderfully tactile. Paired perfectly with a stately monogram and delicate script, the lace-like paper appears sophisticated, soft and bridal.

Occidental letterpress wedding invitation, traditional design with subtle parchment pattern and twilight blue wording

Suite Spotlight – Carneros Letterpress Wedding Invitation

Today we want to put the spotlight on one of our most popular designs – Carneros. Carneros has seen many customizations from real brides and grooms, but its timeless design is always present, no matter how our couples customize it.

Two of the main highlights on this design are the painted edges in Sunshine and the Dauphine Press exclusive envelope liner in a coordinating Sunshine chevron pattern. Swapping out these two elements means that the core of the design — the traditional letterpress monogram in our Varnish ink and modern typefaces — is still strong and present, but the suite as a whole still has a big impact and will suit your unique event.

With our recent updates to our Design Library and custom elements, the possibilities really are endless for this piece. Our expanded edge painting palette means you now have 58 colors to choose from, not to mention the same number of options for liner colors in any of our patterns!

You may recall that Carneros was also the subject of our style shoot from earlier this year {here is the behind the scenes look at the shoot}. Below are even more amazing shots of this suite.

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Meet Our New Letterpress Wedding Invitation Suite – Calistoga

Starting with our new Calistoga wedding invitation suite, we are sharing the new designs we launched at The National Stationery Show in New York this past May. We wanted to give each new design an individual post to share with you the details behind the design and our team’s vision of this suite. All of our new designs are now in the hands of our exclusive retailers if you’re dying to see these in person.

Calistoga incorporates a few of our newest custom design elements {keep an eye on the blog for even more of these new details!} — the large monogram letterpress printed in our new Apricot ink makes a bold yet elegant statement that pairs perfectly with the coordinating Apricot edging and delicate geometric pattern in our new Sea Glass ink on the back of the double-thick premium letterpress stock. You can’t miss the new die cut shape on the response card, which is the perfect finishing touch to any suite!

This is a traditional design with a modern twist that could work for any event, but the below board represents the romantic, ray-of-sunshine event our team had in mind when creating this original design.

Calistoga Suite

I don’t know about you, but I would love to be a guest at this wedding. It also has me thinking about all of the different possibilities for customizing this design though. Want a real sneak peek in to what is to come? All of our new designs are now in our Custom Wedding Portfolio II gallery! We will be giving each of them their own post over the next couple of weeks so keep your eyes out for even more eye candy!

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Suite Spotlight – Broadmoor Foil + Letterpress Wedding Invitation

Our foil and letterpress Broadmoor invitation and accommodations card were highlighted in the recent issue of Martha Stewart Weddings. The editors used Broadmoor to show the perfect example of foil on wedding stationery in their article Stationery from A to Z on page 328 of the Spring issue. Their photographers did an amazing job showing the sheen of the copper frame and intricate pattern of the design!

With this recent press we thought it was time to share with you the Sneak Peek into the process of creating this design. As described on our website, our designers combined a uniquely stylish monogram and a bold pattern in our delightfully fresh Broadmoor suite. The foil stamped pattern, chosen for its likeness to a Moroccan gate, lends an exotic and festive elegance. When paired with lighthearted typography and bright colors, this architecturally inspired suite exemplifies modern luxury.

From the start, Broadmoor was designed with foil in mind, but our talented design team has done it again and created a suite that would be amazing printed in foil and letterpress in just about any color palette as well as all letterpress or all foil. Can you imagine!? The options are endless!

Store Spotlight – byrd + bleeker


Here at Dauphine, we truly value our relationships with the retail stores that represent our letterpress lines. We work with the finest, most fabulous stationers in the country and are proud to introduce a series of Store Spotlight posts. We kick off the series with our recent conversation with Libby Pettit of byrd + bleecker based in Fort Worth, Texas.

What did you do in your life B.B.B. (before byrd + bleecker)?
BBB, I was working in corporate real estate for Sony and an attorney in New York City. Which in layman’s terms meant I was finding space to build music studios, movie lots, gaming development labs, retail stores, etc, then negotiating and drafting the leases to get the deals done. It was an incredibly rewarding job and I loved everyone I worked with (and the traveling, movies and music that were concomitant with the job), but the nuts and bolts of my work meant I was usually around people who had problems – their office was too small, the building had too little parking, a wall fell down and the landlord wouldn’t repair it – so when was I going to be around someone who had joyous news? At least once every other week, for a release, I would walk into my favorite neighborhood stationery store (they know who they are!) and decompress, buy a few cards, zone out running my fingers across all the letterpressed goodness. Sooner rather than later, I realized I could do this too! And it helped as I was getting older, with my savings I could afford to take a risk that I might not have been able to take when I was younger. I just needed to find the right place to jump in, head-first. NYC’s bubble had yet to burst, so I chose Fort Worth, Texas, packed up and convinced the boyfriend, now husband, to follow me! We miss NYC dearly, but Fort Worth has been such a welcoming town, full of genuine and interesting people, and my clients have impeccable taste. And here, I was able to adopt the world’s Most Awesome Dog, which I could never have done in my BBB days. (Luckily, he gets along with the world’s Most Streetwise Cat.)

Picture 15

When did you first realize that you had a passion for paper?
When my dad would buy us personalized stationery as a kid and I would get so peeved if I messed up addressing an envelope. That was an envelope with my return address printed! Those just don’t grow on trees, ya know! Of course, I now realize that I have spent my entire life around inordinate amounts of paper: from heavy school books to leases the size of those same textbooks to now owning a stationery store (that sells lots of coffee table books), I must have been personally responsible for the denuding of several small forests. Thank goodness so much of what we all do in the printing business today is recycled or 100% PCW! What’s that they say about karma?!?

How did you develop your letterpress stationery line with illustrator Izak Zenou?
When I began my business, I knew I needed to have a look that communicated the chic, urban, sophisticated client I wanted to attract (without the track record of already having done so). I needed artwork that immediately told you this is a cool store and a cool person with which to do business. Izak immediately understood that and was an amazing, collaborative partner for my branding identity. Then, last spring, he announced he was ready to do licensed artwork and I jumped on the opportunity. We already had a working relationship, he understood the consumer and lifestyle, and I knew the printing and market niches into which we could fit. It was a natural partnership and I am very proud of our curated little line. Just wait until next year…we have big plans for our characters in the cards.

Picture 30

What is the Byrd + Bleecker design aesthetic?
Clean but not spare; elegant but not staid; aspirational but not unattainable; whimsical but not juvenile; friendly but not saccharine; confident but not haughty; feminine but not girly.

What inspires you?
I love anything “graphy” – typography, photography, cinematography. I also live to travel, so I love gathering design inspiration and color palettes when I travel. If something was built in the 1500s and has retained its beauty until today, chances are the glass green, cornflower and saffron tiles they paired together are as timeless a color combination today as it was contemporary back then. Even if you and I wouldn’t think to immediately pair all those colors together.

Picture 26

What trends are you noticing in wedding stationery?
From printers, I see a trending toward finding ways to make suites more affordable either by offering flat printing or changing the shape and size of designs to reduce postage costs. I’m also seeing tons of the “DIY” looks so incredibly popular on blogs like SMP, RitzyBee, 100 Layer Cake, Design*Sponge, Brooklyn Bride, Once Wed, Snippet & Ink, etc. From brides, I see lots of brides trying to personalize their designs using custom calligraphy (there’s another -graphy I love!) and/or monograms instead of through multiple variations on the design itself. If your name is already something unique to you, why not display that in a unique way that no one else can? Also, I see brides skipping inner envelopes entirely appreciating the simplicity and ease of the reply postcard.

Picture 14

What are the hottest trends or must haves for weddings in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area?
In Fort Worth, it has to be purple, purple and some more purple. TCU (Texas Christian University) grads especially love any combination of the colors. We have also had a number of pewter and verbena brides.  Another must have I see is corner rounding. It never ceases to amaze me how such a simple finishing process can change the whole tone of an invite. Lastly, brides here are still very sensitive to etiquette, so I see a lot of them requesting tissue or glassine sheets for inserting in between the pieces and advice on how to address everyone properly.

Photography by byrd & bleecker and Fred Egan


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