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Client Customization – Morello (Orchid)

One of the amazing features available with our custom wedding portfolio is the option to choose any of the elements from our design library, such as motifs/patterns, fonts, ink colors and embellishments, and create your own wedding stationery design. Lauren and Gregory did just that by selecting a design and fonts that fit their vision the best, and creating this elegant orchid wedding invitation suite. The varnish letterpress ink color and the placement of the design leave a delicate and subtle, yet lasting impression in our minds!

Dauphine Press Client Customization - Morello (Orchid)

We want every couple to feel unique and excited to bring their own visions to life, which is why we offer our custom wedding portfolio. By contacting one of our exclusive retailers, you can create one-of-a-kind stationery for the big day, just like this gorgeous work for art designed with the help of  Francis Orr.

Designer’s Inspiration {week nineteen}

This dreamy photograph showcases the extra romantic color palette of pinks and reds. After seeing this image, we’re thinking that our rouge, shell and varnish letterpress inks would be a great color combination for a wedding invitation or valentine card. Wouldn’t you agree?

Hope you have an inspiring weekend!

Emerald City

If you haven’t heard, Pantone’s Color of Year is Emerald. We were so inspired by this vibrant color that we couldn’t resist incorporating it into our New Year’s card. There’s a freshness to it that we thought would be perfect for celebrating new beginnings. Enjoy a peek at our Emerald inspiration!

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The focal point of this card is the elegant script in Emerald, while the tapestry-inspired pattern in our Varnish ink adds depth and texture. To accompany these layered elements, our designers created a seal with the date, which was inspired by a coat of arms. Printed on our luxe 2-ply paper, the die-cut shape adds to the tactile nature of the piece.

This is just one of the many ways Emerald can be used to create a custom design. We can’t wait to see what other creations you come up with using this dazzling color.


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